find your favourite radio stations using Radio Frequent See app

Discover The Features

What’s Playing

The What's Playing feature enables you to see what is playing on each radio station so that you can tune into the channel that is playing your favorite song.

Genre Specific

Don't like Oldies? Radio Frequent See lets you choose which genres to show and which ones you don't care to see.
Hey!! What's wrong with a little Chuck Berry anyways?

Mark as Favorite

Radio Frequent See enables you to mark your favorites radio stations by clicking on the heart button

Searchable Cities

Search cities, towns, villages and even corners with Radio Frequent See.
Auto-completing input allows you to quickly and easily find the city you're looking for.


You can now stream over 200 Radio stations using Radio Frequent See app!!


Change the default behaviour of the Radio Frequent See application. Increase the threshold to see more stations, change sorting order of found results or show only AM or FM stations.

Remembers Recent Searches

Easily pull up past city searches with the "Recents" icon which can be sorted by recent or most popular searches.

Relevant Information

Search results display the frequency, genre, call sign, and signal strength for radio stations close to your selected city in scrollable, easy to read list. Radio Frequent See also supports location services.